Leicester City in the news: shine a light on Turkey’s abuse of Kurds

Congratulations to the Leicester City Football Club on their success in the English Premier League. They worked well as a team with a calm and thoughtful manager. Brilliant.

At the same time, Kurds in Leicester have family in Syria and Turkey who are suffering because the UK Government continues to support the  actions of Turkey’s Government: Continue reading “Leicester City in the news: shine a light on Turkey’s abuse of Kurds”

Notes of first meeting 24 March 2016

First meeting, first thoughts: Political action and campaigning …

Political action:

  • Link with Nottingham Kurdish Solidarity Campaign
  • The focus will be on what other Governments are doing to Kurds, particularly at this time:
    • Kurds in Syria are living in a society created during these troubled times, which has brought relative peace and democracy in the midst of chaos. They have put together a model of organisation that could be rolled out across the Middle East. This model accommodates all who share their common values. Continue reading “Notes of first meeting 24 March 2016”

Calls for action over man arrested after fighting IS

2016 April 5: Supporters of a man who left Britain to go and fight the so-called Islamic State, are calling for all criminal proceedings against him to be dropped.

Aiden Aslin, from Newark in Nottinghamshire, flew out to Syria last year to go and fight alongside Kurdish forces.


Call to Action 1 April 2016

Leicester Against War: Stop the War on Kurds: at Leicester Clock Tower Friday 1 April 2016,  5.30 – 6.30pm:


There is a gathering of Leicester Against War every Friday 5.30-6.30pm at the Leicester Clock Tower, sometimes with a theme.

This coming Friday the theme is Stop the War on Kurds around the issue of what Governments are doing to the Kurds: Continue reading “Call to Action 1 April 2016”

Welcome to Leicester Kurdish Solidarity Campaign

Open to all – to try to organise around the issue of what others are doing to the Kurds by abusing them directly – Turkey; using them as a political football – everyone especially Russia and America now; and excluding them/ denying them a voice – all the above + UK, UN and others for example in the talks about Syria. We need to ensure that Kurds have a real voice on the international stage. Continue reading “Welcome to Leicester Kurdish Solidarity Campaign”