Free Ocalan demonstration 30 July 2016

Öcalan’s freedom is not only a key demand of millions of Kurds. Together with the release of the other political prisoners, it is a necessary step on the way to peace. Öcalan is recognised by all sides as the key person for a real process. He has put a peaceful solution on the Kurdish people’s agenda. His “Road Map” is the only comprehensive peace plan on the table so far. He has to be Free and able to communicate with all parties concerned.

We call on You to attend this demonstration for the sake of our Kurdish movement and our leader Öcalan.

TIME: 15:00

Bombing in Qamishlo

2016 July 27 QamishloJuly 27 2016: ANF: Search and rescue works at the scene of the Qamishlo attack

More than 50 people died and many others were wounded in today’s truck bomb attack in Rojava’s Qamishlo city.

Cizîr Canton Interior Council Co-President Kenan Bereket who spoke to Ronahi TV on the deadly truck bomb attack that hit the Qamishlo city this morning said that more than 50 people lost their lives and many others were wounded. Continue reading “Bombing in Qamishlo”

Leicester Kurdish Solidarity Campaign leaflet

Leicester Kurdish Solidarity Campaign

What does this have to do with you? If attacks on the Kurds stopped, the Middle East would settle down, people could rebuild their lives and the world will be a better place to live – for everyone.

Syria: Syria is disintegrating but Kurds are successfully defending their area in the north – Rojava – from attacks by ISIS with minimal help from the outside. They also have a remarkable setup that is based on democracy and this protects Kurds and others in the area and maintains a working society in the midst of this terrible war. Continue reading “Leicester Kurdish Solidarity Campaign leaflet”

Kurdistan Region and Erdogan

We at keep our focus on what the rest of the world is doing to Kurds, but the impact of this is continually showing itself in the behaviour of the Kurdistan Regional Government – KRG – towards its own population and we will now also be posting about this concern: 3 July 2016

The Turkish State has applied a lot of financial and geo-political pressure on the Kurds in Southern Kurdistan (otherwise known as Kurdistan – Iraq) and on its leader of the KRG Political Party which has overall control – Masoud Barzani: is said that some of this has been personal financial pressure to line Barzani’s pockets. Other of Barzani’s supporters explain that he needs to keep friendly with Erdogan so that KRG can survive.  Whichever way this is, and it may be a mixture of the two,  KRG is hostage to the Turkish State’s bidding. Continue reading “Kurdistan Region and Erdogan”