Free Ocalan demonstration 30 July 2016

Öcalan’s freedom is not only a key demand of millions of Kurds. Together with the release of the other political prisoners, it is a necessary step on the way to peace. Öcalan is recognised by all sides as the key person for a real process. He has put a peaceful solution on the Kurdish people’s agenda. His “Road Map” is the only comprehensive peace plan on the table so far. He has to be Free and able to communicate with all parties concerned.

We call on You to attend this demonstration for the sake of our Kurdish movement and our leader Öcalan.

TIME: 15:00

Notes of first meeting 24 March 2016

First meeting, first thoughts: Political action and campaigning …

Political action:

  • Link with Nottingham Kurdish Solidarity Campaign
  • The focus will be on what other Governments are doing to Kurds, particularly at this time:
    • Kurds in Syria are living in a society created during these troubled times, which has brought relative peace and democracy in the midst of chaos. They have put together a model of organisation that could be rolled out across the Middle East. This model accommodates all who share their common values. Continue reading “Notes of first meeting 24 March 2016”