Bombing in Qamishlo

2016 July 27 QamishloJuly 27 2016: ANF: Search and rescue works at the scene of the Qamishlo attack

More than 50 people died and many others were wounded in today’s truck bomb attack in Rojava’s Qamishlo city.

Cizîr Canton Interior Council Co-President Kenan Bereket who spoke to Ronahi TV on the deadly truck bomb attack that hit the Qamishlo city this morning said that more than 50 people lost their lives and many others were wounded.

Heyva Sor a Kurd teams affiliated to Cizîr Canton Health Council are making an examination at the scene of the attack near Xerbî Asayish (Public Security) Center.

The attack with a bomb-laden truck also caused the destruction of many houses and shops around.

Health teams are continuing search and rescue works at the scene while fire trucks are extinguishing the fire caused by the explosion. Municipality teams have on the other hand started to remove the debris in the area.

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