Respect the Kurds

I think this translates as the British Ambassador agreeing with the Turkish Government that PYD is a terrorist organisation and is the same as PKK:

Leaving aside the issue of the rights and wrongs of PKK being a proscribed organisation, and of the origins and behind scenes activity that has led to the decimation by bombing of Kurdish areas in Turkey … PYD is not proscribed for very good reasons.

It is accepted that PYD relies heavily on Abdullah Ocean’s ideas about how to organise society and this has enabled them to create an oasis of calm in the desolation that is the Syrian experience. Is it suggested that this is unwanted? I think not.

Why is a British Ambassador giving support to the Turkish Government’s spin on this situation, a Government that suggested that PYD set one of the suicide bombs off in Turkey to discredit them – as if PYD and YPG did not have enough to do fending off the very people from ISIS that Turkey send to kill them?

The Turkish State should be held to account for it direct war on Kurds in Syria and it’s use of ISIS as a weapon against them. On what basis is the British Ambassador bolstering the claims of the Turkish Government?

And how is the UK Government holding Turkish Government to account for its behaviour in relation to Kurds in Syria?  I can answer that – the doors are opening for Turkey in Europe; Turkey’s demand that the Kurds do not have a separate seat in Geneva at the talks with Staffan de Mistura are nodded through; and we swap Syrian refugees.

Regarding events in Turkey:

Parts of Turkey look the same as bomb sites in Syria due to State-sponsored killing and destruction of Kurds and their communities. Note how the positive progress made in the peace process between Kurds and the Turkish Government turned sour when the Kurds won Parliamentary seats, how the Government tried to provoke and to claim they were terrorists, imprisoning them  – and journalists who were taking an interest, and escalating the situation by for example imprisoning members of Kurdish society in  basements until they starved,  and murdering them. I can send you footage or you can check the pages of ANF – English pages.

I feel a very strong sense that the British Government is playing a dangerous political game which is morally wrong, and cannot be politically justified.

What will needs to happen before the British Government shows respect for PYD, and holds Turkey to account?

Sheila Mosley