Kurdistan Region and Erdogan

We at keep our focus on what the rest of the world is doing to Kurds, but the impact of this is continually showing itself in the behaviour of the Kurdistan Regional Government – KRG – towards its own population and we will now also be posting about this concern: 3 July 2016

The Turkish State has applied a lot of financial and geo-political pressure on the Kurds in Southern Kurdistan (otherwise known as Kurdistan – Iraq) and on its leader of the KRG Political Party which has overall control – Masoud Barzani: http://cabinet.gov.krd/p/p.aspx?l=12&p=232It is said that some of this has been personal financial pressure to line Barzani’s pockets. Other of Barzani’s supporters explain that he needs to keep friendly with Erdogan so that KRG can survive.  Whichever way this is, and it may be a mixture of the two,  KRG is hostage to the Turkish State’s bidding. Continue reading “Kurdistan Region and Erdogan”