Indiscriminate warfare is truly appalling

Human Rights Watch: Turkey: Border Guards Kill and Injure Asylum Seekers

“Firing at traumatized men, women, and children fleeing fighting and indiscriminate warfare is truly appalling.”

“The EU shouldn’t just stand by and watch as Turkey uses live ammunition and rifle butts to stem the refugee flow,” said Simpson. “EU officials should recognize that their red light for refugees to enter the EU gives Turkey a green light to close its border, exacting a heavy price on war-ravaged asylum seekers with nowhere else to go.” Continue reading “Indiscriminate warfare is truly appalling”

Violent clashes in Nusaybin

In Mardin’s Nusaybin district where popular resistance for self-rule against the attacks of state forces endures with determination, violent clashes are taking place in Dicle and Yenişehir neighborhoods.

Unable to advance into the areas of self-rule, Turkish military and police forces continue bombing Dicle and Yenişehir neighborhoods that are protected by Civil Defense Units YPS / YPS-JIN.

Severe clashes are taking place in both neighborhoods as YPS / YPS-JIN retaliate against the intensified attacks.

Leicester City in the news: shine a light on Turkey’s abuse of Kurds

Congratulations to the Leicester City Football Club on their success in the English Premier League. They worked well as a team with a calm and thoughtful manager. Brilliant.

At the same time, Kurds in Leicester have family in Syria and Turkey who are suffering because the UK Government continues to support the  actions of Turkey’s Government: Continue reading “Leicester City in the news: shine a light on Turkey’s abuse of Kurds”