Reading Between the Lines – 2 October 2018

‘Reading Between the Lines’, 2 October 2018 at Y Theatre, Leicester as part of Everybody’s Reading Festival. Many thanks to Steve Sweeney Sarya Tunc, Gaylan NazhadHannah James and Grace Petrie for their contributions to the evening

Steve Sweeney from ‘Morning Star’ and Gaylan Nazhad photographer of ‘101 Beads: Kurdistan in War’ spoke inspiringly about their own experiences of reporting in difficult circumstances. We also heard about the work of Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Hannah James and Grace Petrie added to the theme with their own songs.

This was a very interesting evening – it’s not necessarily the news you hear about … often there is much more information that does not come to mainstream attention to protect private interest and Government agendas.

The evening was supported by Everybody’s Reading Festival, and Leicester NUT – many thanks to them also, and to the Y Theatre.

Save Rojava: Protest in Leicester City Centre 24 March 2018

There have been protests in support of Afrin around the world today. Protest in Leicester City Centre 24 March 2018 – About 100 people gathered at the Leicester Clock Tower, organised by Leicester Kurdish Solidarity Campaign and local Kurds.

Press release for the demonstration:

Kurds in Rojava valiantly prevented ISIS from extending its power in Syria. Kurds in Syria are now being targeted by the Turkish State and its allies while the world stands by. Turkey has focused on Afrin but intends to move further along the border to take other Kurdish towns in Rojava, Syria. Continue reading “Save Rojava: Protest in Leicester City Centre 24 March 2018”

#FreeSalehMuslim 25.2.2018

Turkey has long fingers: #FreeSalehMuslim

ANF: Police of Czech Republic: Moslem was arrested at Turkey’s request

Saleh Moslem was arrested in Czechia at Turkey’s request, Police of Czech Republic said.

TEV-DEM condemns arrest of Saleh Moslem

Movement for a Democratic Society (TEV-DEM) condemned the arrest of Saleh Moslem and urged the international community to show a reaction to the unlawful practices of the Turkish state. Continue reading “#FreeSalehMuslim 25.2.2018”